historical Timeline

1953 — Two caring community leaders, Nenetta Burton Carter and Bille Bransford Clark, organized Jewel Charity Ball to raise funds to meet the needs of children whose families could not afford their medical care.

1954 — The first ball was held on January 30th at the Texas Hotel and netted $9,000. The legendary Harry Winston of New York was the first official jeweler. Debutantes modeled the jewelry and chance tickets were sold for prizes, beginning traditions that continue today.

1959 — The first engagement books were published and evolved over the years into today’s memory keepsake book, “The Jewel.”

1960 — Jewel Charity’s mission was clearly established and remains the same today – to raise funds to provide quality health care to all children in need, regardless of their families’ ability to pay.

1973 — Donors became known as “Angels” with contribution levels from $1,500 to $25,000 plus.

1985 — Cook Children’s Hospital merged with Fort Worth Children’s Hospital to form Cook Children’s Medical Center.

1989 — The new Cook Children’s Medical Center opened its doors and has become one of the most respected pediatric hospitals in the country.

1990 — Jewel Charity presented its first $1 million check to Cook Children’s Medical Center.

1998 — A new record of giving was set with a $2 million gift.

2006 — A gift of over $3 million was given to Cook Children’s, bringing the grand total to over $38 million.

2007 — A gift was given to Cook Children’s for uncompensated care, additional software for the recently installed iMRI machine to combat neurological diseases, and cochlear implants.

2008 — Jewel Charity provided funds for the Hematology and Oncology program and the Behavioral Health program.

2009 — A gift to Cook Children’s went to uncompensated care and the expansion of the NICU from 54 to 99 private care rooms.

2010 — Funding was provided for the new Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and the Capital Campaign in addition to raising funds for uncompensated care.

2011 — In addition to uncompensated care, Jewel Charity’s gift helped fund The Cancer Center and The Child Life Zone, which includes The Henry House Teen Room.

2012 — Jewel Charity funding supported The Cancer Center and Case Management.

2013 — Our 60th Jubilee year supported Child Life and the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in addition to Uncompensated Care. Over the history of Jewel Charity a total of 61 million dollars has been given to Cook Children’s.

2014 — In addition to giving toward uncompensated care, signature projects helped fund Cook Children's Dental Clinic at the Renaissance Neighborhood Clinic, offering primary and dental care, and the Creative Artists in Residence Programme (CARPE), providing healing through a variety of arts.

2015 —  The Creative Artists in Residence Programme (CARPE) was supported again this year as well as the Emergency Department and uncompensated care.

2016 — Our gift provided over $100,000 for Cardiovascular rooms alone and over $2 million for uncompensated care and the new Behavioral Health Center.

2017 — This year we are focusing on The Creative Artists in Residence Programme (CARPE) and the Oncology department.