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Your gift can support uncompensated care, or you may choose to designate it to one of this year’s signature projects. To learn more, visit our Giving page.

Signature projects

The Signature Projects for this year are Oncology and CARPE. Cook Children's state-of-the-art oncology center reaches patients in need throughout the state of Texas. The CARPE (Art Therapy)program provides patients and their families with an outlet to express themselves and allows them to better cope with anxiety, fears, their illnesses and the hospital environment.


From not being at home to missing school and varying social events, hospital stays cause added stress to a child’s life during important developmental years. Because of these significant circumstances, patients at Cook Children’s Medical Center have very specialized needs. In order to meet these varying needs, Jewel Charity is are constantly looking for innovative ways to show our compassion for the future of Texas. The four different programs that Care4Kids focuses on help to fill the gap between emotional and physical care


Since our inception in 1953, Jewel Charity has cared for the families of Texas
and provided over $68 million in support of Cook Children's Medical Center,
touching the lives of thousands of children and their families.